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And I thought it was hellos that I struggled with

Posted on 01 Sep 2015

Fun Fact: My second most successful website (after this one) was named "Beauty Divine" using a line from Shrek 2 about the love potion. This was back in 2006. I literally had a site that had thousands of visitors and not one person realised where the name came from.

If you want to know anything about my website building past, you can click here for more details.

We all struggle with making an introduction, but in the final month of this site I'm finding that goodbyes are far harder than hellos. I believe my site officially expires on the 25th September 2015, but as I want to give as many of my visitors as possible the opportunity to read my goodbye, I thought I would post it early.

Although I haven't been active for almost two years now, saying goodbye to this website and the community is very difficult for me. I started making websites when I was eight years old and I've spent the last decade watching the website building community thrive and evolve as I have. I've met a lot of friends in the community, many of which I've unfortunately lost contact with, which is heartbreaking considering some of us used to speak daily.

Because this site contains some tutorials and other advice for website owners, I've decided to make a short downloadable booklet containing all of them which you can click here to view. I really wanted to ensure there was at least one somewhat permanent version of my tutorials and advice because any knowledge lost is a huge waste. The booklet also contains a short introduction with a goodbye to this website, the list of affiliates, and some of my favourite layout headers to show how my style changed.

There's always the chance that I'll come back, I would never rule that out, so if you want to remain in contact so if I do return you'll know about it, I will be keeping my the FallenHalo Facebook Page open permanently (I won't post much so if you like you can be sure that it won't block up your news feed).

If you want to keep in contact with me for any reason, you can use any of the following methods:

  1. Tumblr
  2. Instagram
  3. FallenHalo's Facebook
  4. Twitter
I honestly would love to hear from you guys and even though I'm closing my site I'm always there to give advice to you guys if you need it.

Goodbye. I'll miss you all.

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Proud of the USA

Posted on 27 Jun 2015

This isn't any kind of update, I just wanted to congratulate my American LGBTTQQIAP+ visitors on gaining the right to marriage equality. The fight against homophobia is not yet over, but America has joined many other countries (including my home, the UK, which legalised same sex marriage in March 2014) in taking a step in the right direction.

#LoveWins guys. Finally. heart laughing

Useful links for the LGBT+ community

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I'm Back for the Summer

Posted on 25 Jun 2015

Notice: My webmail no longer works, if you have my site's email address please don't bother using it as I cannot read the messages.
It's been a while. It's definitely been a while.

For those of you who haven't read my last post, the reason why I've been away for so long is that I've been doing my A Levels, and as I was resitting most of my AS' when I was doing my A2s, it was a very stressful time. Those who missed my last post may also be unaware that this site will be closing in September of this year. sad I'm not sure of the specific date, I'll have to check that with my host, but expect it to be sometime in September.

As somebody who used to update my site every single day for years on end, I know that this community changes quickly. I genuinely have no clue how many of my affiliates are still online, how many new people are in the community, and even if anybody remembers me. I've missed the community so much, and I cannot wait to see how it has changed in my last two years of inactivity. heart

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Where else to contact me

After my site closes, you obviously won't be able to contact me here anymore. In preparation, here are some ways to contact me:
  1. Tumblr
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. If you want any others, such as my kik, iMessage, or email, use the form on the Contact Me page and I'll consider giving them to you (provide an email to send them to). However, I will only give these to people I knew well.

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